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About United Workers Union

We are United Workers Union, a trade union representing over 150,000 workers in 45+ industries – including early childhood education and care, aged care, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, and more. Learn more about the industries we cover here.

We fight across all industries for better wages and conditions, secure jobs, and safe and inclusive workplaces. You can learn more about the issues we’re fighting for here.

United Workers Union members never stand alone. Members get access to legal support, trained delegates, health & safety representatives, and the collective power of one of Australia’s biggest unions.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the United Workers Union here.

The history of the United Workers Union

The United Workers Union has a long history – being a successor of the Watchmen, Caretakers and Cleaners Union of New South Wales (W.C.C.U), which was first established in 1910.

The W.C.C.U allowed workers from industries that weren’t represented by other trade unions to join – making it one of the first Australian unions to represent several highly casualised and isolated industries.

In 1915 the W.C.C.U amalgamated with the Victorian branch – changing the unions name to the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’ Union (fondly called the ‘Missos’) to represent the broad range of industries the union covered.

Members of the Missos played a key role in winning some of the conditions we might take for granted today – like paid sick leave, annual leave, and the forty-hour work week.

After more than 100 years and several amalgamations (the largest being the recent amalgamation of United Voice and the National Union of Workers), what was once the W.C.C.U is now the United Workers Union – one of Australia’s largest unions, with more than 150,000 members in 45+ industries.

Throughout our history, we’ve shown when working people come together, we win. Today, our diversity of membership and coverage is our collective strength – allowing us to take on the major challenges our members face and win big, long-term outcomes.

United Workers Union members continue to fight for what’s right. Click here to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on current campaigns our members are involved in.

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Standing together, we can change our workplaces.

Better Pay and Conditions

Union members stand together for better pay and conditions, respect, and job security.

Australian workers who are union members earn on average $250 more every week.

Training, Community & Information

Members have access to exclusive training and development designed to support you at work.

Being union also gives you access to a community of workers and expert information when you need it.

Join a Movement that Wins

When you’re union, you’re part of a national movement with a long history for standing up for what is right.

If you want a fairer Australia, joining your union is the best way to make a difference.

Back up and Support at Work

When you face poor treatment – like unfair dismissal, safety issues or harassment at work it’s important to be union.

At worksites across the country UWU Delegates, leaders and Health and Safety Reps have your back.