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Call on Victorian Government MPs to back guards!

After the State Government’s silence in the budget members took action and called this out to MPs.

Thanks to the action of members a meeting with State Treasurer Tim Pallas was secured.

MSS, Wilson and G4S delegates met with the Treasurer and outlined the need for Safeguard wages and action to support guards. 

Securing decent wage increases relies on the state government leading the way and the more members speak up the more pressure there is for the government to take action.

Make sure you do your part:         

  1. Use the tool below to send an email to Victorian Government MPs calling for backing for guards.
  2. Click here to register to attend the guards rally at Victorian Parliament – 4:30pm Monday 6th June.
  3. Talk to non-members at your site about joining their union and the fight for respect.

Use the tool below to call on Victorian Government Labor politicians to back guards.