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Tell building owners that the community doesn't approve of securecorp's behaviour!

Guards who work for Securecorp are covered by a dodgy workplace agreement that pays less than award rates on weekends, night shifts, overtime and public holidays. Guards are being short-changed up to $18 per hour! 

How do they get away with this rort? Securecorp has a separate but related company called ‘Securemetro’ which they use to employ guard. This allows them to pay guards under an old workpace agreement from 2013 – years past its expiry date! 

Despite United Workers Union raising issues with the agreement constantly for years, Securecorp has ignored us. They are a profit-driven multinational that doesn’t care if guards are paid below the award.  


Use the tool below to email key building owners and tell them that the community doesn’t approve of Securecorp’s behaviour.