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An overwhelming 77% or 230 of Queensland’s 300 strong Radiation Therapist workforce are calling on Queensland Health’s Director General, Dr John Wakefield, to address the untenable pay disparity being experienced by RTs across the state.

United Workers Union members are unwavering in their fight to take action for equity and recognition of the high degree of skill and experience they bring to their work and patients, every day.

In the absence of any effort from the DG to respond to workers’ requests, RTs stand united and committed to campaign industrially, politically and in community should Dr Wakefield not address their concerns.

All these members are asking for is equity and recognition for the valuable work they perform for Queensland Health. 

Show Dr Wakefield that he can’t just hide away in his corporate office from his responsibilities to support these workers.
Queensland Government has an obligation to these employees, and they’re not going to back down until these issues are resolved.

* See below the form for the email or text you can send after you press the “I want to take action” button. You will NOT be sending an email or text by pressing the “take action” button.

ACTION | Qld Health Radiation Therapists deserve equity and recognition
Union member?

Email to Dr John Wakefield, Director-General, Department of Health

Cced: Minister for Health, Yvette D’Ath

Dear Dr Wakefield,

 Queensland Health Radiation Therapists are highly skilled professionals, delivering patient care in your hospitals every day with a level of skill and professionalism that warrants recognition and equity.

It is disappointing that you are ignoring our request to meet with you to discuss pay disparity in their industry, despite our tireless efforts throughout the Covid pandemic.

 As a Radiation Therapist and UWU member, I stand in solidarity with my colleagues across the state in our fight for a pay increase to match that being achieved by other workers in the same sector.

 Kind regards,

Text to Dr John Wakefield

Dr Wakefield,

As a Qld Health Radiation Therapist, my job is to support the health and wellbeing of patients you are responsible for.

I bring a high degree of skill and experience to my workplace.

I deserve equity and recognition for the skill and care I deliver to our patients.

You can’t shirk away from your responsibilities. We deserve a pay increase to match that of others in our sector.

It’s time you take notice and meet with us to discuss.