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Victorian Labor Government Fails to Act on Security Guard Wage Crisis

Demand action from the victorian government!

In this week’s Victorian State Government budget union guards were shocked to find out that no action would be taken to address the wage crisis in the security industry. Read the full story HERE.

Over the last 2 years, members have been campaigning and explaining the issues to MPs both directly and through the State Government.

Key to the calls was the need for the State Government to take action on low wages by being a model client and ensuring state government guards are paid Safeguard wages.

The Labor party politicians said they understood the problem. They said that they understood the need for action. We cannot let them forget how critical it is that their government act.

It is crucial that the State Government not be permitted to get away with inaction. Right now hundreds of guards are facing efforts to cut their pay, it is unacceptable that the Labor Government turns it’s back on guards.

It’s time to demand action!

Use the tool below to email Victorian Government Labor politicians and demand action. Money pays the bills.