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For years, the Afghan people worked with and protected Australians deployed in Afghanistan during the war. Now many of these Afghans have been abandoned, their lives in danger and their freedom curtailed. We have a responsibility to extend our solidarity across the seas to the people of Afghanistan and to bring those lives and freedom is in danger to Australia where they will be safe.

We are calling on the Liberal Morrison Government to:

1 Evacuate people at imminent risk, including people who’ve worked with the Australian Government and organisations

2 Lift the humanitarian intake to at least 20,000, to match the UK and Canada

3 Grant permanent protection to Afghans in Australia on temporary visas

4 Reassess cases of Afghans refused protection

5 Fast track the Family Stream and Citizenship applications made by Afghans, so that they can be reunited with their families

6 Release Afghan detainees from immigration detention, noting it is now impossible for them to return to their home country

Stand with the United Workers Union in calling on the Prime Minister to support the people of Afghanistan.

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