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How to deal with bullying and harassment at work

Everyone should be able to go to work free from bullying and harassment. Unfortunately in Aged Care, this isn’t always the case.
To help workers get equipped with knowledge and tools required to deal with these issues – your union is running a free online info session on ‘How to deal with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace’. 
This free session will run for about 30 minutes and you’ll also have the chance to ask questions in the end. If you’re unable to attend at this time, please register regardless and we will send you the recording of the session afterwards.


WHEN: Monday, 29 November – 5:30PM AEDT (4.30pm QLD; 5pm SA; 2:30pm WA)

WHERE: Online over Zoom 

RSVP: ESSENTIAL – via the form below. 

We will explain: 
  •  What bullying and harassment is
  • Who is responsible for bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • What to do if you are bullied or harassed at work
  • What can be done if the bullying and harassment doesn’t stop
  • Who you can talk to for support if you have suffered bullying or harassment in the workplace
  • + we will share a story of a workplace that bravely took on their bullying boss! 

The more workers at your workplace gain this knowledge and the tools available to them, the better equipped you are against potential intimidation tactics from management.

Do you have any colleagues or friends in aged care who may benefit from this online session? Invite them along!   😉

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