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Churches of Christ must respect aged care workers!

tell churches of christ: no more excuses - meet with aged care workers now!

Aged care workers at Churches of Christ have been waiting over a year for management to meet with them to discuss a fair wage increase.

In a show of disrespect for aged care workers, Churches of Christ have STILL not met with employees and have provided little-to-no correspondence to date.

Staff have worked tirelessly for three years without a pay rise. Then, after IGNORING workers’ demands to meet about their claims for better pay, more staff and more time to care, Churches of Christ management coughed up a miserable 2.5% pay increase. Churches of Christ’s pay-out is little more than “keep quiet” money and an insult to aged care workers who have cared for older Australians through the pandemic.

Churches of Christ claim they want to build a positive workplace culture and high employee satisfaction levels. It’s time to let Churches of Christ know they need to practice what they preach, and show aged care workers the respect they deserve.

Write to CEO Gary Edwards to demand that Churches of Christ meet with workers to negotiate a fair agreement.