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Scott Morrison is failing to keep our most vulnerable community members safe!

Our vulnerable older Australians in aged care are being forgotten by this Government

More than 6500 individual reports about understaffing and unsafe conditions facing aged care residents have been handed to the aged care safety regulator today!

The reports from United Workers Union’s whistleblower website Aged Care Watch have identified system-wide shortages and serious impacts on aged care resident safety as workers document unfilled shifts and understaffing.

The reports include thousands of accounts of aged care residents suffering because there are not enough staff to look after them.

  • 2300 reports name “distressed resident” as a result of lack of care
  • 1900 reports name “resident left soiled for an extended period” as a result of lack of care
  • 600 reports name “resident injury” as a result of a lack of care
  • 2900 reports name “stressed staff member” as a result of unfilled shifts or understaffing

The reports identify 2700 cases of understaffing, more than 10,000 unfilled shifts and 800 personal accounts of incidents due to a lack of care time for residents – and we know this is the tip of the iceberg.

These reports come from every state of Australia and show the inside story of the aged care crisis that continues to impact the care of aged care residents.

The accounts from inside aged care facilities make horrifying reading.

Aged care workers report incontinence pads have not been changed for 16 hours, wounds are not able to be treated, and weight loss by residents because they are not being helped with their food – and that is just one report.

These reports have been handed over to the regulator to examine the outright issues of neglect that have been exposed, and to consider the system-wide failure these reports demonstrate.

These first-hand accounts from aged care workers provide extensive further evidence of the massive failure of the Federal Government in residential aged care.

The failures by the Federal Government also show why thousands of aged care workers feel they have no option but to go on strike and hold their employers accountable.


a responsible government would act to keep older australians in aged care safe

Scott Morrison’s Liberal Government is responsible for the aged care crisis across Australia and for allowing the neglect of our oldest and most vulnerable community members to continue. 

We demand Scott Morrison prioritises fixing the aged care crisis if elected! 

We urgently need:

  • An investment in a secure, respected and well-paid workforce to fix the understaffing crisis!
  • A Care-time guarantee to allow workers enough time to give older Australians the safety, dignity and respect they deserve!
  • Transparency and regulation of aged care funding to ensure it goes to care, not profits! 

the aged care crisis on a local level

The chronic understaffing in aged care endangers the lives of our most vulnerable older Australians.

Scott Morrison has proven his government is neither interested nor capable of fixing the aged care crisis.  

As voters, we have the chance to hold him accountable for the neglect of aged care at the upcoming federal election by voting him out.