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AEGIS must respect aged care workers!

tell AEGIS: it's time to make a fair offer


Aged care workers at Aegis have made demands for better pay, more time to care and more staff but management are not listening. 

After aged care workers worked tirelessly to care for older Australians through the pandemic, Aegis is still refusing to pay its aged care workers what they are worth.

Aegis is the biggest privately-owned aged care provider in WA and receives $174 million in taxpayer funding, yet the company still won’t commit to fair pay and conditions for aged care workers or to giving them the time they need to provide quality care.

Aegis has set up a complex and secretive corporate structure that hides the money it makes from its business, which is worth an estimated $250 million. Aegis’ lack of transparency and accountability means we just don’t know how much money is going to Aegis’ profits instead of care.

Meanwhile, almost 250 reports of understaffing were made by Aegis workers to Aged Care Watch

Aegis MUST listen to their workers and act to give workers more time to care

Time is up, Aegis workers are demanding a fair offer, and won’t give up.