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BlueCare must respect aged care workers!

tell bluecare: Stop insulting your workers

After nine negotiation meetings, BlueCare has finally put a wage offer on the table. 

BlueCare’s offer is a slap in the face to BlueCare aged care workers who have cared for older Australians through the pandemic.

BlueCare has offered workers a miserable 2% per year pay increase over two years – an effective pay cut when the cost of living has gone up by 5.1% this year alone!

To make matters worse, BlueCare won’t cough up the increase until December, and they won’t offer back pay.

BlueCare also wants to take away workers’ income protection rights!

It’s a shameful offer from an organisation that has:

  • Put workers through the Kronos pay office stuff up, dragged their feet on fixing it, and now rejected workers claim which would ensure that they continue to be paid in the event of future payroll outages.
  • Made hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer revenue.
  • Given executives a 30% pay rise in the last annual report.

BlueCare can afford to subsidise millions in payments to its owner, Uniting Care Queensland, for use in other areas.

BlueCare can afford workers’ demands for better pay, more staff and more time to care. 

Time is up, BlueCare workers are demanding a fair offer, and won’t give up.