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Aged Care needs multi-employer bargaining now!

To: the prime minister

Aged Care work has been historically undervalued, and low wages have failed to keep pace with cost-of-living increases over the years.

The current bargaining system has led to workers in the same city, doing the same job for different providers, earning anywhere between $22 – $28 per hour, and working under wildly different conditions.

The Work Value Case is a step in the right direction, seeking to correct the baseline for aged care workers. But remember: Aged care workers deserve a pay correction and a pay rise.

Fixing the aged care crisis means bargaining with the people who make the decisions.

For real and lasting change, aged care workers across different providers must be able to negotiate together, with the funder at the table.

We need a system that lifts us all up together.

Sign the petition to support multi-employer bargaining for aged care and help build public pressure for a pay correction AND a pay rise for aged care workers.