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We urge aged care providers to pass on the full award increase

The next aged care award increase is here!

The Fair Work Commission has just committed to deliver an additional 3.75% wage increase for all workers under the Aged Care and SCHADS Awards.

This is a huge win for aged care workers everywhere. Without the dedicated union members committed to fighting for workers’ rights, despite objections from industry and employer groups, annual award increase like this would not be possible.

With the outcome of the Work Value Case still pending, we know that further increases are just around the corner when the next stage of the Work Value Case will deliver a further 8% pay rise for direct care workers and a 3-7% pay rise for support workers. 

What does this mean for you?

If you’re paid above the Award or are on an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA), there is no guarantee that your employer will pass on this most recent annual award increase. It’s up to union members to ensure that workers see very cent of this increase.

To fight to maintain your above-award-wages at your workplace, sign the petition below to demand no erosion in your wages.

Sign the petition

Dear (Employer),

The 3.75% increase to Aged Care Award wages by the Fair Work Commission is an urgent step to help workers deal with cost-of-living pressures and recover real wages lost during the pandemic. 

This is at a time where corporate profits have grown at nearly three times the rate of minimum and award wages since the start of the pandemic. 

As one of your employees, I urge you to please pass on the full 3.75% increase to award wages, without absorption!

How can we care for our beloved residents if we can’t care for ourselves and our family due to the low wages?