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Does your provider support their aged care staff?

Hundreds of thousands of aged care workers across Australia have been left waiting to find out if they will receive the pay correction they need, after Fair Work failed to include them in last year’s 15% aged care pay rise.

The Fair Work Commission needs to hear from providers that ALL aged care workers need a pay rise.

Workers from aged care providers across the country are writing to their employers, asking them to pledge their support for fair wage rises for cleaners, catering, laundry and lifestyle staff.

Below are the aged care providers who agreed to stand up for their workers, so they can afford to continue the important work of providing quality care to older Australians.

These are the aged care providers who are standing up for support workers:

Fair wages for aged care workers won’t cost providers a cent, with the work-value case wage rises fully funded by the federal government.

Despite this, providers continue to ignored their workers’ calls for help!