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FRequently asked questions:

Aged care work value case

Want more detail? Click here to view an overview of your pay rise estimate by your role and pay point.

We are waiting on confirmation from the government about how this wage increase is going to be passed on to workers. Last year workers who were on above award wages received the dollar amount of the 15% increase.

We will have more information on this soon. 

Award reliant workers in all industries receive a union won annual award increase on the 1st of July every year, last year that was 5.75%. Last year this increase was paid on top of the 15% work value case increase for direct care workers. Workers on the award will most likely receive both increases 

It is likely that workers will receive a wage increase in the second half of 2024 – the commission is currently hearing submissions about timeframes and phasing.  There is a potential that the wage increases will be phased in, so workers could receive the full amount over a longer period of time. 

We should have more details on the timeline in the next 6-8 week

There are two groups of support workers referenced in the work value case decision: 

    1. Gardeners/maintenance and administration workers who will receive a 3% wage increase.
    2. Cleaners/Laundry attendants/Food attendants who will receive the 3% wage increase and in addition will move from a level 2 to level 3 classification level and receive an additional wage increase which will result in a 7% wage increase for this group of support workers.

The government has committed to funding the outcome of the work value case, so the money will come from the government, not from providers. 

If you are required to fulfill a role where you need to use your Cert IV, then you will be classified as a level 5 specialist. 

There is no specific allowance or entitlement for someone who is required to have medication competency. However, where an employer requires an employee to hold a cert IV they should be classified as level 5 in the award moving forward.  

Yes, lifestyle and recreational care are now proposed to be included as direct care” aged care employees and are under the same classification structure as personal care workers. 

It depends.  

Personal Care Workers with a cert III will go up from level 3 to level 4 in the award after 4 years work experience from the date of determination of the work value case.  

All support workers who have been identified by the commission as having more contact with residents will go up from level 2 to level 3. These are Cleaners/Laundry attendants/Food attendants. 

The commission have asked United Workers Union, other unions, providers and the government to put forward submissions about how they think this money should be rolled out and phased in.  

United Workers Union member leaders will continue to lobby with the government to make sure that all of the money is passed on to workers as soon as possible.  

The decision on Aged Care wages will cost the government billions of dollars. The last work value pay increase cost $15bn in total. This is a lot of money, and it is a big shift in how aged care workers will be recognised and valued moving forward. The most recent decision is even more complicated because this decision also includes prospective changes to the classification structure.  

United Workers Union leaders also want to make sure that workers get every last bit of the money they are meant to get.  

This is what union members are working on right now. In union submissions to the commission and in conversations with the government, UWU are making sure that you get every last cent.  

Yes. Whether you are called a Domestic Hotel Services or something else as long as you perform the work of the role you will be entitled to the increase. United Workers Union can support workers if they are refused the pay increase.

Join United Workers Unoin today. We will be sending out regular updates to members about the work value case and we will be working with members to make sure we hold providers accountable. Last year, UWU members were successfully able to win back money from providers who did not pass on the correct amount to workers.  

Ye s. Agency workers often receive a percentage pay above the ordinary pay for workers. If the base pay increase it could also mean an increase in the agency rate.