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United Workers Union welcomes the NSW Premier’s call today to re-think the early childhood education and care system in Australia.

Quotes attributable to Helen Gibbons, Director Early Education, United Workers Union

“We know that the current system doesn’t work for parents, educators or children.

“United Workers Union welcomes new thinking on the provision of quality early education and care, and particularly a discussion about new models of funding.

“Parents in Australia pay some of the highest out-of-pocket costs in the OECD, yet there is no guarantee that fees or taxpayer funding provides quality early education.

“We know that all too often that profit is put before quality – our reports into the sector released over the past six months demonstrate the real cost of the current system on our children.

“For-profit providers have a demonstrated history of poorer safety and lower quality outcomes than the not-for-profit sector, with profits siphoned off to private equity investors and tax havens offshore.

“It’s not good enough.

“Ninety percent of brain architecture is formed by age three. If we want a world class education system for our children, we must start in the early years.

“The New South Wales Premier should be commended for opening up a discussion on how we can build a sustainable, public, high quality early years education system in Australia.”

The United Workers Union is the union for Early Childhood Education and Care.

Last week United Workers Union released a ground-breaking report into profits in early education: “Spitting off cash” – Where does all the money go in Australia’s early learning sector?

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