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United Workers’ Union members at the Best&Less Distribution Centre in Sydney are fighting for their first Enterprise Agreement ever. This is a fight for a living wage, a fight for $25! 
Best&Less have other ideas however, they want to keep these workers on minimum wage and pay its CEO, Rodney Orrock, over $2 million in cash bonuses! To add insult to injury to these workers, Best&Less got over $20 million in JobKeeper last year and saw record profits of $60 millionBest&Less needs to share this its workers! 
As the pandemic has raged on, these members have worked day and night to keep our families clothed and keep Best&Less operating. Now, all these members are asking for is a living wage! 
These members are standing up to Best&Less to fight for what’s right, we need your support now too!  
Show Best&Less that they need to pay a living wage to these members!  


ACTION | Support Best&Less workers fight for $25
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