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Your union is organising around important worker issues at casinos across the country.

You can view updates for each casino below.

Crown Melbourne

Union members at Crown Melbourne have overwhelmingly endorsed two  new enterprise agreements (Crown-wide and Area Managers) which include key wins such as:
✅ 5% increase on wages and allowances (+ back pay)
✅ Increased weekend allowances
✅ Bringing many specialist roles under EA coverage
✅ Removal of all trainee, introductory and junior rates
✅ Increased personal leave + paid pandemic leave
✅ Review of current contractors +
✅ Agency casuals to paid no less than as EA casuals
✅ Better union rights + union representation
Well done to union bargaining reps for negotiating this deal!


Crown Perth

Union members have won a new 12-month EBA at Crown Perth!
This EA includes fantastic improvements to pay and conditions such as:
✅ 5% increase on wages & allowances, backdated to 1st October 2022
✅ 9.5% increase to night allowance – now $2.50/hr for Monday-Friday 7pm to 7am
✅ 5 days paid pandemic leave which can be accessed twice over the life of this agreement
✅ Review of current contractors + labour-hire agency casuals
✅ 2 union meetings per year and enhanced delegate rights
This outcome was achieved by the proud union members at Crown Perth and their awesome bargaining representatives.

The Star Gold Coast

UWU casino members at Star Gold Coast have won big in their new EA!
Members overwhelmingly voted yes to a new set of wages and entitlements including:
✅ Pay rises of 4%, 3.5% and 3.5% over the 3 years of the agreement (+ backpay to 1 July 2022)
✅ A one-off payment of $1500 to help with the rising cost of living
✅ Paid rest break entitlements
✅ Guaranteed free parking until July 2023
✅ 5th week of annual leave for all permanent workers
✅ Classification improvements & full-time conversion
and much more!
Members and delegates have done an amazing job to demonstrate collective power and push for a better deal through 6 months of challenging bargaining.
Congratulations to members at Star Gold Coast on their amazing win! 👏

SkyCity Adelaide

The EBA at SkyCity delivered significant improvements to wages and conditions for SkyCity workers.

United Workers Union members won:

  • No Reduction in Current Conditions
  • Wage Increases
    • 2.5% effective October 1 2021
    • 2.5% effective October 1 2022
    • 3% effective October 1 2023
  • Introduction of a new Full Time conversion clause guaranteeing Part Time workers the right to convert to Full Time if they average 36 hours per week for 12 months
  • Table Games Area Managers & Senior Surveillance Operators now covered under the EBA
  • Improved Split Shift rights
  • and more

Without consulting their workers, SkyCity announced their intention to
reintroduce the position of Table Games Supervisor last month.

United Workers Union initiated a dispute to enforce members’ rights to be consulted. 

Managers and Area Managers attended meetings with SkyCity management to
voice their concerns and earlier this month, UWU sent a formal response
to the company. 

The company’s proposal: 

  • represents a genuine threat to job security for Area Managers 
  • removes meaningful compensation for Dealers performing Higher Duties work, and
  • lacks detail about how such negative impacts will be mitigated 

So far, we have not received a response from the company and as such, the matter
remains in dispute. While the dispute is being resolved, the company
must respect the status quo and the proposed change cannot be

When we have further information, we will communicate this to members as soon as possible. 

The Star Brisbane (Treasury & Queens Wharf)

Members at The Star Brisbane have secure an EBA with a number of improvements to pay & conditions including:

  • 3% annual wage increase
  • Additional wage increases for Table Games (“pay parity” with the Star Gold Coast)
  • Better classifications/levels and more higher-paid positions for Food & Bev 
  • Job security protections and improvements:
    • Commitment not to contract out any “core” casino operations: gaming, food & bev, cleaning, security, hotels, etc.
    • Commitment to engage direct employees before contractors are used
    • Easier conversion from PT to FT & more minimum hours for PT workers
  • 5th week annual leave for all permanent workers from 1 Jan 2023
  • Better and fairer rosters: Unlimited shift swaps & Earlier outs (60mins)
  • Current parking arrangements protected
  • Better First-aid allowance & New Public Allowance
  • and more!


The Star Sydney

Union members at Star Sydney have secured a fantastic new EA!
The Agreement was voted in with an amazing 92% YES VOTE!
Members will enjoy UWU-won wages and entitlements like:
✅ 4.25% wage increase payable from now
✅ 5th week annual leave for all full-time and part-time workers
✅ An enforceable EA with union rights
✅ Increased minimum, guaranteed PT hours
✅ Improved career progression
✅ Pandemic consultation provisions, including financial support measures
✅ Increase in paid parental leave from 10 weeks to 16 weeks for primary carer, secondary carers’ 4 weeks of paid parental leave
✅ Better rights around redundancy
✅ Commitment to roster direct workers rather than contractors
…and more!
Well done to all Star Sydney members for their hard work.


  • Major casino operators Crown and The Star were some of the first companies to agree to paid pandemic leave. We also won two weeks pay for many casino workers who were stood down.
  • Casino workers also won employer hardship funds and payments totalling millions of dollars for workers not eligible for the government wage subsidy, or experiencing other hardships.
  • During the year we kept the union together and strong while casinos were shut, and pivoted quickly to helping members with the practical support they needed in a crisis, e.g. help navigating Centrelink, information on financial assistance, mortgage/rent deferrals and more.
  • Amidst the COVID pandemic, we were able to secure a commitment from both The Star and Crown to end indoor smoking across all casinos by 2023.
  • And we started building the union at the new Crown Sydney casino – there are only a couple hundred workers there at the moment, but already two out of every three are UWU members.

Art by Sam Wallman

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