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climate action group

JOIN UWU Climate Action Group

Our UWU members Climate Action Group is built on an understanding that workers are directly affected by climate impacts and must be involved in making decisions about how we respond to climate change.

UWU members have a long history of advocating for action on climate change and we strongly support grassroots initiatives like School Strike 4 ClimateWorkers for Climate Action and Climate Justice Union.

After the bushfires of 2019-2020 our UWU Climate Action Group was created to direct and drive work around climate change across our Union. Since then we’ve had regular events and meetings, and CAG members have identified some key priorities:

  • Workplace health and safety training around extreme weather at work
  • Work with Unions and other organisations in advocating for climate action and developing just transition plans for workplaces, industries and communities
  • Provide reliable and accurate information about climate science, impacts and transitions to UWU members and other workers

In August 2021 we held our first UWU climate science workshop, featuring Dr Lesley Hughes, click here to watch the video.


Our Climate Action Group is for members of United Workers Union. This group provides opportunities to learn, share stories, keep updated, strategize together and build relationships between UWU members across industries. If you’d like to join and energise our Union efforts towards climate action, you’ll need to be an UWU member.



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