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Why are we going on strike?

Union members have reviewed the latest offer from the company and are not satisfied with it. After four months of bargaining, members feel like we still don’t have a fair wage offer and that other conditions need to be improved too. We feel that now is the time to stand together and fight for a better deal for all.

Crown Casino Melbourne Bargaining Representative Team outside Fair Work Commission

When are we going on strike?

We plan to stop work for 4-hours three times this weekend:

        • 6pm-10pm on Saturday;
        • 10am-2pm on Sunday; and
        • 6pm-10pm on Monday.

Where do I go?

At the beginning of the strike, please come and meet your fellow members out the front of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Clarendon St across the road from the West End taxi rank.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Union members who are at work are going to walk off the job at the designated time. We will all meet at the exhibition centre until the conclusion of the work stoppage. This will be like a protest: we will stand together proudly to show the company that we’re strong and fighting for better wages and conditions. Expect that members of the community will be there to support us too.

If you have United Workers Union merch, please bring it along and wear it proudly. Otherwise just make sure you have comfortable shoes and a warm jacket for standing outside. You can also bring friends, family, members of other unions. The more the merrier!

All union members, regardless of whether they’re rostered, should come to the protest and stand together as one. If you’re not rostered to work, please still come to the exhibition centre to be a part of the action. You don’t want to miss this!

Basically: you stop work and walk off the job. When the time comes, grab all the members around you and head out together. You may need to prepare ahead of time depending on your department. As safely and swiftly as possible, cease performing the task and walk away.

No. You do not get paid for protected strike action.

If you want to swipe out when you walk out, that is fine but there is no obligation to.

Union membership

If you join the Union before we stop work you can legally take part in the stoppage and you will be protected just like everyone else. This means you can walk out in solidarity with all members. Go to the Union desk or join here.

This strike action is protected by law for all UWU members. This means the company cannot take any reprisals against anyone for participating in the action.

Yes. Even if your first payment hasn’t been deducted yet, you are a member of the Union and are free to take industrial action.

You should fill in a new membership form as soon as possible to ensure you are officially a member and are therefore protected. If you’re not sure about your membership status or need a new form, go to the Union desk, Union office, or talk to your delegate immediately.

Uniform and dress

Come straight to the protest. Treat the end of the stoppage of work as your new start time. You can get changed before this time as you usually would.

It is your choice if you change out of your uniform or not. Members are asked to attend the picket line in uniform but if this is not practicable, feel free to change into regular clothes. Do not go home, even if it's the end of your shift. Union members need to be standing together and supporting one another during the stoppage.

Walk off the floor in your uniform then come immediately to the exhibition centre to join the picket line. Do not go home, even if it's the end of your shift. Union members need to be standing together and supporting one another during the stoppage.

Adverse action

Your manager should not stop you from leaving work to take protected action. You have the right as a Union member to go on strike, and you should be able to access this right freely. If your manager attempts to stop or delay you walking out, you may calmly remind them that the stoppage is lawful, and the company has been notified in accordance with the Union’s legal obligations. Also, the point of the strike is to improve wages and conditions for all workers at the Casino. If in doubt, contact your delegate.

Your manager is not allowed to take any “adverse action” against you for participating in a work stoppage. This means they are not allowed to performance manage you, cut your hours or treat you unfairly as a direct result of you being a) a Union member or b) taking industrial action. Doing so would be against the law.

Union members have the legal right to take protected action. You cannot be terminated as a direct result of you being a) a Union member or b) taking industrial action. Doing so would be against the law.

If you are a Union member, you are entitled to participate in industrial action and may cease work with all other members. Accessing your right to strike is not relevant to your ‘performance’ and treating it as such would be against the law.


Speak to your delegate or any other Union members around you. You can also come to the Union desk or Union office. You may also wish to call a Union official; details are below.

Heath: 0431 586 372
Adrian: 0432 487 080
Faith: 0424 148 626
Grace: 0435 159 265