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School cleaners have done everything asked of them during the pandemic to keep schools clean and healthy. But under the current contracting system they are underpaid and undervalued.

Children deserve a clean and healthy learning environment, and cleaners deserve jobs they can count on.

The pandemic has made it clear, now is the time for the Victorian Government to take the next step and directly employ our school cleaners so they have the resources and time to do their job, and the secure, safe jobs they deserve.

In order to keep schools clean & safe, cleaners need:

  1. Job security

  2. Liveable wages

  3. Respect

  4. Better equipment & training

  5. Safe workplaces

This is why they should be directly employed by the State Government. Our children deserve Victorian Government cleaners. SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

How do we win?

This is industry-wide change we’re fighting for – it won’t be won in a day.

The first step is building strong membership across the entire workforce. It’s about being union.

So if you aren’t yet a member, join today, and be part of winning cleaning jobs you can count on.