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EARLY EDUCATION union members won a commitment to fund a wage increase

United Workers union early education members have shown once again that they're a forCe to be reckoned with!

The Federal Government has announced funding for hundreds of thousands of Early Education workers.


There’s still a lot of information to come about the wage increase and how and when it will be implemented and funded.

We’ve created a FAQ for UWU members answering a range of questions!

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2024 is shaping up to be a big year for eduactors

Over 9000 educators have already signed our pay demand for a 25% increase, and we won’t stop until we win all of it!

Our campaigning and actions so far have won new rights which means we are closer than ever to winning BIG for all of us.

Here are all the different ways we are campaigning to make sure we get the whole 25% pay rise we deserve

  • Negotiating a new Union Agreement across multiple employers, with the Government at the table as part of the new rights to Multi Employer Bargaining. 
  • Being the first union members to use brand new rights to fight for an extra increase for educators from the annual minimum wage increase.
  • Union members won’t stop there, but will do whatever it takes, including running a national work value case if necessary. That’s how thousands of UWU members in Aged Care won a big pay rise recently.

Listen in as our union delegates share their firsthand experience attending the Federal Budget announcement in Canberra!

What UWU members are saying about the funding announcement: 

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