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‘First Nations United’ Artwork

8th – 29th July



UWU member, Tasman Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri has graciously donated First Nations united to the union. The artwork will be raffled and entry is open to members of the union, employees of the union or people who support the values of UWU set out in its rules.

First Nations United

Original artwork by Tasman Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri
Acrylic on canvas
Framed, 150cm x80cm

This painting depicts an eagle soaring high over our country strong and proud wings spread wide reaching out, just as we do in life we reach out seeking support and information from one another United as One.

The Gathering of First Nations people family and friends depicted in the dot art U shapes represent the people coming to a site and yarning, sharing our life’s work and passions, our stories of hard earning work on the Mother Land we all call Australia.

Hand prints represent the old ways before technology as the First Nations people would leave verification of which families where in the area and what the area could supply for your family. Also if you worked that particular part of the country what food resources were available. This is First Nations Unity at its finest.