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Dear Shontel Turner,

We, the below-signed workers at General Mills are writing to you raising concerns about the company’s tactics with the EBA. We feel that General Mills management is disrespecting us by sneaking new wording in the EBA that was not agreed to by the UWU or any of us. We do not agree with the changes that General Mills has made to the Inductions Clause. This clause allowed union delegates to speak to all new workers, instead General Mills has added wording to say that a new worker needs to ask management to speak to a union delegate.

We believe that this is a tactic being used by General Mills to de-unionise the site and divide workers. We are disappointed that General Mills is not honouring the agreement that we reached after going on strike, and instead is continuing to disrespect workers.

All of us work hard for General Mills and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We have worked at General Mills for a long time, and pride ourselves on the work that we do, and are disappointed that the Company continues to fail to recognise our union. We expect that General Mills will respect the right of its workers to join the union, and engage in union activity. We are proud to be union members and will stand strong together. All union members at General Mills are standing together and will continue to grow and fight hard to secure our pay and conditions into the future.

Even though you’ve changed the wording in the EBA to restrict union delegates from speaking to new workers, each and everyone of us pledge to speak to all new workers who come onto the site about how strong we are as a union, and about the history of our struggle to win our pay and conditions.