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Michael and Janice are care workers who look after clients in their homes in the Hunter region, and are asking you to sign their petition.

We the undersigned support low carbon emission jobs in the Hunter Region for the future. We do not support money being given to the private sector to fund a gas-fired power plant to the tune of $650 million, and recognise that this plant will not create significant ongoing work for our community during the coming transition.
It is estimated that the plant would be unlikely to create more than 100 jobs on completion. Such large amounts of public money could be better spent on improving and supporting quality jobs for the thousands of homecare and other care-sector workers in the Hunter region, and on educating, training and supporting workers who need to be transitioned from fossil fuel industries into alternate work.
We ask the Federal Government to immediately redirect this $650 million to:
  • Support quality low carbon jobs for homecare workers like us, and for other care workers in the Hunter Region
  • Provide transition support for fossil fuel workers in the Hunter Region, including education, training, and direct financial support.
As care workers, we look after and improve the quality of life for many in our community, especially during tough times. It’s time to recognise and value the important role we play in our community.


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