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Dismissal is when you lose your job or get the sack. It’s a stressful time, but as a United Workers’ Union member your union can support you.

There are many factors to check with a dismissal so please contact us – we will work with you to determine if you may have been unfairly dismissed. It is important to act quickly – depending on your job we can only make applications for unfair dismissal within a short timeframe, usually 21 days.

You may have been unfairly dismissed if your dismissal was harsh, unjust or unreasonable.

You should also get in touch if:

  • You think you lost your job due to discrimination.
  • You think you haven’t been paid everything you’re owed.
  • You’re being threatened with losing your job.

There are some reasons you can’t be sacked, including:

  • Being in a union or participating in union activities outside working hours (or with the employer’s consent, during working hours).
  • Making a complaint or inquiry or participating in proceedings against your employer.

What you will need

  • A description of what happened and the events leading up to your dismissal. Include details of events or conversations and witnesses to them.
  • Copies of any documents sent to you by your employer, including emails, letters, text messages and prior warnings. You should also provide any notes you have from phone calls or meetings.
  • Remember to act quickly, we can only make applications within a short time frame, usually 21 days of the date you were dismissed.

If you’re not yet a union member we are unable to help you. You can Join Now so that you can stand together with other workers and so you’ll be covered in the future.