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Your union will soon be bargaining for a new agreement. Members endorsed this log of claims last year. This is your chance to have your say before the next mass meeting.

  1.  No reduction in wages and conditions
  2. A 6% first year increase to align with Linfox (Coles) NDC Somerton
  3. Coverage of all new Linfox Coles DC’s
  4. A Fair Disciplinary Procedure
  5. No Pick Rates or Performance standards used to discipline or performance manager workers
  6. Increase to redundancy entitlements, including choice of redundancy or redeployment
  7. Increased rights injured workers
  8. Regular conversion of agency staff to permanent roles w/ length of service main criteria
  9. Rostering & Rotation of work on site
  10. Paid Disaster Leave (including paid pandemic leave)
  11. Better rights to union representation
  12. Meal allowance paid on or after 1 hour overtime
  13. Shift Loading paid on all forms of leave
  14. Public Holiday rates increased
  15. Increase to Annual Leave entitlements
  16.  Increase of RDO hours 


Wage Increase & Allowances – Wage Parity with Somerton @ 6% increase in the first year to align


No Pick Rates or Performance Standards – warnings no longer to be issued based off percentage or Engineered Labour Standards (ELS) and management to acknowledge a team members working to the best of their ability consistent with the principle of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, whether directly employed or indirectly employed.

  • Remove performance standards for eligibility of Overtime on the weekends.


A Fair Disciplinary Procedure – Counselling first then a three-tiered system with warnings to last 9-12 months. Breaches of different issues to be addressed separately e.g. safety or attendance.

  • Management to acknowledge Delegates are representatives and not ‘support people’ and they are to have access to required evidence or documents to facilitate representation.


Redundancy – 5 weeks per year, uncapped with offer of volunteers in the first instance

  • Limitation on distance to travel if redeployment to another site an option
  • Longer notice period given to employees, 16 weeks for closure or transition announcement. If employees find a job within this notice period, they can leave & receive a redundancy package.
  • If, between the commencement of the agreement & closure of the DC, a employee’s employment is terminated for any reason, they will be entitled to a redundancy payment.
  • For any employee that suffers serious impairment or death within the 16weeks notice will still receive a redundancy package.  
  • Employees over 45 to receive an additional extra week per year of service.
  • Redeployment on the same terms & conditions and are no worse off.
  • Bonus Payment to Casuals upon site closure with length of service recognised.
  • $4,000 training allowance for each employee, available for up to 2 years
  • Pay out of accrued personal leave


Retraining & Redeployment – if DC is automated in the future

  • Employees to have a choice of redeployment or accepting a redundancy
  • Any employees redeployed to a new site to continue to receive the same terms & conditions under this agreement.
  • For any employee redeployed to have their tenure, service, entitlements, roster, shift & position transfer with them.


Fair process for Injured workers – That all workers be offered suitable light duties in line with restrictions provided by a medical practitioner (regardless of whether the injury was suffered at work or not). If no duties are available at the employee’s normal workplace, or another suitable location, the employee will be stood down on full pay.

That in relation to medical examinations:

  • The Employer will only require an employee to undergo a medical examination where they have a reasonable basis to question an employee’s fitness for work and the Employer will provide the reasons for the request to the employee in writing;
  • The Employee will be entitled to choose the medical practitioner to conduct the examination and the practitioner’s report will be treated as final;
  • That the employee will be provided with a copy of the report before the Employer; and
  • The Employer will cover all costs associated with the Employee’s attendance at the examination.


Disaster Leave – 14 Days paid Disaster Leave per occasion

  • Disasters to include events such as fire, flood, pandemic/epidemic & other natural or man-made disasters that affect workers at the DC


Sick Leave – No evidence needed for any single days of sick leave

  • Entitlement increased to 15 days per year
  • Sick Leave paid out when leaving site
  • Shift Loading to be applied on personal leave


Rostering & Rotation – improvement in rostering to provide full timers priority of roles and a fair rotation of tasks distributed consistently.


Conversion to full time – The company to create more stable employment, with regular conversion based on Tenure as the main criteria – Ratio 4:1 reviewed every 4 months.


Union Rights – That the Agreement provide for enhanced Union rights, including:

  • Paid time to conduct on and off-site union activities, including meeting with workers, meeting with UWU officials, participating in delegates’ meetings, attending industry delegates meetings/conferences and meeting with new workers during their inductions; and
  • 8 days paid leave per calendar year for each delegate to participate in union activities, including training
  • Provision of one full-time delegate whose main duties are to undertake union activities.
  • Delegates to have access to private office & appropriate facilities e.g. computer, phone, internet & printer
  • 5 hours paid time for employees to attend union meetings on site during working hours
  • 2 hours every fortnight for delegates to meet and discuss union member matters.


Allowances – A meal allowance to be paid after one hour of overtime


Shift loading on leave – Shift loading to be paid for all leave i.e. sick leave


Public Holiday Rates – Increase in penalty rates on all public holidays


Annual Leave – Increase to annual leave entitlements


RDOs – Increase to RDO entitlements

Something missing? Contact your delegate or organiser. New claims that have wide support will be included in an updated log of claims for members to endorse.