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At midday today, aged care workers will rally outside of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney to highlight their ongoing concerns about the industry.

On November 4, last year the FWC determined an interim 15 percent wage increase for aged care workers, but have not finalised a decision on whether workers will receive the full 25 percent workers were calling for.

The United Workers Union (UWU) was concerned that there has not been a decision about the wage increase for non-care aged care roles.

United Workers Union (UWU) aged care director Carolyn Smith said all aged care workers needed some certainty.

“Last year aged care workers were breathing a sigh of relief after the Commission announced a 15 percent boost to their pay packets,” Ms Smith said.

“While workers are yet to see that increase reflected in their pay, for many it provided the first glimpse of hope in more than a decade.

“We would like to see the Commission go a few steps further by implementing the full 25 percent and ensuring that the pay rise is applied to everyone working in the aged care industry.”

Since last year’s announcement, the union has collected more than 1000 stories from workers who have varied concerns about the industry, the people they work alongside and the people they care for.

Mandy, an aged care worker said, “The 15 percent pay rise is a step in the right direction, but our work has not been properly valued for years, so I see it as more of a pay correction than a pay rise.

“Domestic workers, cooks, cleaners and lifestyle have not been included. We can’t run without them. They need to be included in this pay rise.”

UWU represents various workers in aged care facilities, including carers, enrolled nurses, cooks, caterers, cleaners and other custodial workers, as well as homecare workers.


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