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Today the Morrison Government will announce the fate of JobKeeper and JobSeeker with even more workers set to miss out.

In this second phase of the wage subsidy programs workers cannot afford to be left in the lurch with a reduced rate and even harsher eligibility. It will cost jobs, livelihoods and destroy communities.

Story after story has emerged via the United Workers Union JobKeeper for All website since it was launched on July 8, 2020.

Workers have been reaching out to Scott Morrison to let him know they are hurting and can’t afford to be left even further behind.

The Federal Government has been forced to cave to pressure from workers and bring their announcement forward.

Whilst the United Workers Union welcomes the extension of JobKeeper beyond the September cut off, the Federal Government’s plans to scale back JobKeeper and JobSeeker will make life harder for thousands of workers.

The Government continues to turn a deaf ear to the crisis unfolding across our society for casual, temporary visa workers and international students. Workers who have been left behind with no support during this health pandemic.

JobKeeper was a promise from the Government that every worker counted.

In truth, it is a broken promise the Government has once again refused to mend.

Quotes attributable to Gold Coast hospitality worker Anuj Hora:

“I am here today on behalf of all Gold Coast workers. As we continue the fight against the coronavirus, we’re fighting for guaranteed secure incomes and secure jobs. We need secure work, not another crisis.

“Failing to extend and expand JobKeeper to all workers will leave many struggling to survive. We need to pay our bills, feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads.

“As we sadly see the increase of cases in Victoria and New South Wales, we must consider what would happen if the same occurs here. If we had to return to lockdown and our workplaces closed, the normality we have clawed back could be stripped away.

“The government must look towards extending and expanding JobKeeper and JobSeeker – both in time and also eligibility and inclusivity. No worker should be left behind.”

Queensland media event

WHEN: 10 am, Tuesday 21 July, 2020
WHERE: Southport Centrelink 5/15 Suter St, Southport QLD 4215
WHAT: Approximately 50 workers line up outside Centrelink in response to the Federal Government
announcement regarding plans for JobKeeper and JobSeeker.
WHO: Hospitality worker Anuj Hora will be available for comment.
NOTE: Everyone attending this event will be expected to adhere to current social distancing guidelines.

Queensland workers on the Gold Coast created a striking image queuing outside a Southport Centrelink in a symbolic response to the Federal Governments’ plans for JobKeeper and JobSeeker wage subsidy programs.

In Southport alone, up to 2,439 businesses could be forced to close their doors, up to 9,268 local workers may be forced into this Centrelink queue, with up to $13.9 million ripped from the local economy.

This does not touch the surface of the impact throughout the Gold Coast where 30,000 businesses are relying on JobKeeper, equating to over 100,000 workers.