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Brisbane Airport’s cleaning company SECUREclean cancelled an essential service to profiteer, while risking their workers’ safety.  

Whilst adapting to COVID safe practices to protect the community, cleaners were being directed to change and clean nappy and sanitary bins – a job previously completed by a specialised service.

SECUREclean had ceased the service of the company who were changing the bins prior to COVID-19 – clearly putting profits before its people. 

When United Workers Union members raised this issue, the Union initiated a health and safety inspection. 

Quotes attributable to United Workers Union spokesperson for Property Services Damien Davie:

“This disregard for workers’ safety is unacceptable at a time when the world is in crisis and these workers have been fronting up to work every day in a high-risk environment.

“SECUREclean, who are responsible for cleaning Brisbane airport, is another example of a greedy contractor cutting corners.

“But Queensland workers are ready to call out any employer doing the wrong thing during this health pandemic. Workers have stood up for their health and safety rights and won.

“SECUREclean should be ashamed it has taken an inspection in order for them to do the right thing.”

Following the inspection, SECUREclean was directed to reinstate the previous service.

Cleaners at the airport were found to have little to no specialised training for the nappy and sanitary bins. SECUREclean had also directed cleaners to put the contents into black garbage bags so the public could not see them dispose of it into the general waste. 

A number of employee records were asked to be seen during the inspection, but the company has so far refused to release them.

Brisbane Airport, alongside other Australian airports like Canberra and Sydney, is notorious for using dodgy labour hire companies which pay below the award rate. 

SECUREclean is a member of the SECUREcorp group of companies, who use outdated ‘zombie’ enterprise agreements, made using the Howard Government’s WorkChoices legislation.



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