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Attribute to United Workers Union Queensland State Secretary Gary Bullock:

“Queensland workers are in a crucial recovery period and ensuring all workplaces use the same contact tracing system is key.

“As we have just experienced, snap lockdowns are still occurring, and workplaces are still needing to close with little to no notice to keep the community safe from further outbreak.

“The end of the JobKeeper subsidy is devastating for sectors like hospitality, particularly in regions of the country such as Far North Queensland where the local economy relies heavily on international tourism. Many sectors are still dealing with the flow-on effect of the crisis.

“Workers have not regained normality yet, but as we continue to operate under the shadow of the COVID crisis decisions can be made to ease the burden.

“We want all establishments requiring patrons to sign in to operate using the Queensland Government app.

“The Check In Qld app provides one source for contact tracing, streamlining the contact tracing process when cases arise. This will assist in both preventing and reducing the time businesses are closed.

“It also means the public don’t have to fill in all their details every time, increasing the chances of everyone completing the check in process correctly.”

Attribute to Queensland Hotels Association Chief Executive Bernie Hogan:

“Queensland hotels, accommodation providers, tourism operators, licensed clubs and the broader hospitality industry have been critical in keeping thousands of Queenslanders employed throughout the COVID pandemic.

“Through their vigilance, Queenslanders have been able to enjoy COVID safe environments to meet, entertain and support their communities.

“Whilst businesses have been hurt by the latest lockdown of Greater Brisbane, they understand the need to contain the spread early and are eager to support the contact tracing that forms such a vital defence against the spread of COVID.

“The Queensland Government Check In Qld app provides an easy, quick check in system that can be used in every venue across the state to provide the contacts directly to the Government.

“Queensland Hotels will be supporting our members right across the state to implement the Check-in Qld app as soon as possible, to allow Queenslanders to get back to their local or other hospitality businesses as soon as possible.”



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