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Calvary Hospital’s cleaners walked off the job in the Australian Capital Territory today in response to contractor Compass Medirest’s disrespectful 5¢ pay offer.

Last Thursday the cleaners protested outside the hospital, calling on Calvary and the contractor to respect them.

Given the complete lack of action on the part of both hospital management and their chosen cleaning contractor, cleaners have little choice but to take industrial action.

“People have thanked cleaners throughout the pandemic,” says Lyndal Ryan, United Workers Union Director for Property Services,

“They’ve thanked them for working on the frontline, for keeping our communities safe, for helping to stop the spread of the virus.

“But thanks is not enough. Talk is cheap, and that’s exactly what Calvary’s cleaning contractor is – cheap and disrespectful.

“The cleaners at Calvary Hospital are paid significantly less than their counterparts over at Canberra Hospital, despite the fact that they are doing the same specialist job.

“This 5 cent pay rise is a slap in the face from Compass Medirest, which is part of a huge multinational company, and so can spare more than just a nickel.”