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United Workers Union, the security union, is calling on Canberra Airport to sack Certis Security Australia as their security contractor for not paying workers who were prevented from attending work due to the bushfires.

The union says major multinational Certis Security has docked the pay of Canberra Airport staff showing an extraordinary level of disregard for the emergency circumstances being faced on the ground at the time.

Workers who had tried to attend work, but were unable to due to smoke and bushfires, and workers who went home to check on properties, have been docked pay.

During the bushfire crisis, acts of community spirit and kindness spread across the country. Certis Security’s actions fly in the face of this.

United Workers Union spokesperson for Property Services Damien Davie said: “It is clear that Certis is prioritising its profits over its people. To dock workers’ pay because they have needed time to protect their homes and ensure the safety of their loved ones is absolutely shameful.

“United Workers Union had highlighted SNP Security, when it was a local family-run business, as an industry leader. This has changed dramatically since SNP was absorbed into Certis.

“This latest cold and heartless blow to workers is unfair and goes against the best of the Australian community spirit we saw during the recent tragedies. The complete disregard for the real anguish being faced by workers experiencing the worst of Australia’s bushfires is on the back of Certis’ negligence to provide workers appropriate protective equipment to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.”

“Canberra Airport needs to sack Certis Security Australia as their security contractor and replace them with someone who will do the right thing.”

Certis Cisco, Singapore’s largest security organisation acquired the formerly Australian owned family business SNP Security in 2018 and combined it with their existing security business BRI to establish the sub- brand Certis Security Australia.


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