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The union for Correctional Officers says Corrections Minister Elise Archer must resign.

Minister Archer has shown her outright incompetence by denying assaults on Officers took place.

The Minister continues to deny the serious health and safety issues happening daily in her prison system.

Jannette Armstrong, United Workers Union Tasmania spokesperson says, “Correctional Officers are simply staggered and offended at the incompetence and callousness in today’s comments to the media by the Minister.

“To deny that assaults have taken place on Officers during the Christmas and New Year period when they are clearly documented in the Department of Justice’s official daily reports shows downright incompetence and a callous disregard for the complex issues that are spiralling out of control on her watch.

“The facts are clear – Risdon Prison Complex and Hobart Reception Prison are over capacity. There was an assault on an Officer just before Christmas, an attempted assault on an officer on Christmas Day although no serious injuries eventuated, and there was an assault on an officer on December 30 which resulted in the officer being taken to hospital and having the week off work.

“The Minister has denied these serious assaults took place.

“The Minister’s spin that these facts are not true is putting the safety of Correctional Officers at risk. This incompetence can no longer continue.

“The Premier must demand Elise Archer correct the record, and resign.”


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