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The United Workers Union (UWU) has welcomed the Fair Work Commission’s decision to award the full 15 percent wage increase to aged care workers this year but continued to reiterate its calls to increase wages in the sector by a further 10 percent.

On 4 November, last year the FWC determined an interim 15 percent wage increase for aged care workers, which was originally going to be staggered over two years. In the meantime, UWU had made a submission calling for a 25 percent increase.

On 9 February 2023, aged care workers and home care workers in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth staged protests outside of capital city Commissions calling on all aged care workers to get the wage boost.

As part of the protest, more than 1000 stories outlining the workers’ struggles were presented to the FWC.

UWU was also still concerned that there has not been a decision about the wage increase for some non-care roles in the industry such as food services attendants, cleaners and maintenance workers.

United Workers Union (UWU) aged care director Carolyn Smith commended the Commission for listening to the pleas of aged care workers and for extending the increase to cooks and lifestyle workers as well as carers.

“It’s really heartening that the Government and the Commission are beginning to listen to aged care workers after years of neglect,” Ms Smith said.

“Today’s announcement of a 15 percent boost in July will be music to the ears of many in the aged care workforce.

“We just need the decision makers to take that one extra step to get up to 25 percent and make sure everyone working in aged care benefits.

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