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The Queensland Police Union President, Ian Leavers has come out today criticising the Queensland Ambulance Service.

United Workers Union National Ambulance Coordinator Fiona Scalon said: “Our ambulance members see themselves as the ambulance service and therefore today’s criticism of the Queensland Ambulance Service as undermining the hard work of them and their colleagues. Every day they continue to do the best job they can whilst working within the constraints of a strained health system.

“The impact the police force is experiencing is just another symptom of the crisis in the hospital system. Extreme hospital flow issues are seeing ambulance crews stuck on ramps unable to get back out into the community.

“What we don’t want to see with this additional workload within the police service is for it to impact their support of paramedics in situations of risk and we will always advocate for the resources needed to keep ambulance officers safe as they do their jobs.

“Police are not going to be sent to Code 1 medical emergencies. In Queensland, there are approximately 12,000 police officers and 4,500 ambulance officers. Where there are more of them available at any given time the closest and most appropriate resource available will be brought in.”



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