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The following letter was sent to employers on 17 July 2020:


Dear Director

Re: Aged Care Retention Bonus

I am writing on behalf of members who have raised concerns about the retention bonus being paid to workers in aged care.

As you may be aware, the deadline for employers to apply for the retention bonus for employees has been extended from 2pm EST, Monday, July 20 to 2pm EST Friday, July 31.

Request on behalf of United Workers Union members

I request that you provide a response to the following questions about the retention bonus:

  1. Have you applied for the bonus for eligible employees?
  2. If you have applied for the bonus, what proportion of your employees are scheduled to receive a bonus compared to those who will not receive the bonus?
  3. When are the payments expected to be made?
  4. How will tax deductions be calculated?
  5. Can you confirm the bonus payment calculation for employees who work less than 30 hours a week will follow the issued guidelines?
  6. What steps are being taken to ensure that the second payment will be delivered in a timely manner?

As you would appreciate, these are issues of great concern raised by members in your facilities about the payment of the bonus.

To allow us to pass back information as quickly as possible to affected members we would appreciate a speedy response upon receipt of this letter.

I would see it as reasonable to ask for a response within 48 hours of receiving this letter.

In Unity

Carolyn Smith
Aged Care Director
United Workers Union