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At 8:30am today, United Workers Union (UWU) members from Lumus Imaging began protected strike action for four hours in their pursuit of improved wages and conditions.

Around 40 workers have walked off the job following Lumus’ refusal to offer a payrise to bring them in line with workers doing the same job in the public sector.

Currently, Medical diagnostic Imaging Professionals in the public sector get paid an average of 10 percent more than their Private Health counterparts.

Lumus, which is wholly owned by Australian Stock Exchange listed Healius, operates medical imaging facilities and employs skilled workers such as radiographers, sonographers and nuclear medicine technicians across Queensland and the rest of Australia.

Last financial year, Healius made $308 million in profit, mainly on the back of tax-payer funded COVID-19 testing contracts.

United Workers Union (UWU) delegate  said “if Lumus wanted to hold onto its highly trained staff, it should listen to the grievances of its workforce.

“It is very unusual to see health care Professionals take industrial action. However, they are frustrated, and they have had enough,” they said.

“Their claims are not unreasonable; they are simply seeking to be paid at the same rate that public sector radiographers and other imaging staff earn for doing comparable duties.

“It wasn’t so long ago we were applauding the sacrifices of our health heroes during the pandemic. These heroes deserve more than just thanks and like to see a fair and equitable change to their take-home pay.”

The United Workers Union continues to bargain with Lumus Imaging in an effort to seek fair wages and conditions.