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WHEN: 8:45 am TODAY Thursday 26 November, 2020

WHERE: Melbourne Airport – Outside Virgin Departures Hall

WHAT: Over 100 cars will create a motorcade at and around Melbourne Airport from 8 am – 8:30 am calling on ISS Facility Services to adopt a fair, transparent process in their plans to cut 30 per cent of airport security officers Australia-wide. This will be followed by a press conference at 8:45 am outside Virgin Departures Hall.

WHO: United Workers Union Spokesperson and security officers will be available for comment

NOTE: Everyone attending this event will be expected to adhere to current social distancing guidelines.

United Workers Union members will rally on wheels outside Melbourne Airport to demand ISS Facility Services adopt a fair, transparent process in their plans to cut 30 per cent of airport security officers Australia-wide.

At Melbourne Airport 283 security officers are on the chopping block, with ISS to hand out redundancies at random, a process that makes way for favouritism.

The company has ignored the Union’s requests to engage a ‘last on, first off’ policy, which other providers are employing out of respect for long-serving officers and to preserve their reservoirs of expertise. Security officers want ISS to adopt the same, transparent process that values service, and to begin with calling for volunteer redundancies.

ISS’ failure to respect security officers has left union members with no choice but to rally, with another motorcade planned for outside Brisbane Airport in Queensland at the same time. The United Workers Union advises commuters to expect delays in and around both airports.

“I am just gobsmacked and disgusted at the way we are being treated by ISS,” said security officer and union delegate, Angie Brandham.

“I have given 18 years of my life working shifts at Brisbane, and most of my workmates have been there for much longer! And for ISS to turn around and say that my loyalty means nothing – it’s an absolute disgrace!”

United Workers Union Spokesperson for Property Services, Damien Davie said: “ISS is treating these security officers like they are disposable objects, throwing them on the scrap heap, rather than people who have put themselves and their families on the line during a pandemic.

“For those who were stood down during COVID-19, times have been incredibly tough and like many people across Australia, they are looking for certainty.

“ISS should respect these workers enough to engage in a fairer, more transparent process, rather than opening the door to nepotism.

“We have long-serving security officers who are of an age now that makes it harder to compete in the job market, particularly in today’s climate, despite their many years of experience. This has pushed many to the edge and because of the extreme suffering ISS is causing, this action is absolutely necessary today.”

Redundancy numbers across Australian airports:

  • Melbourne 38% which is 283 officers
  • Brisbane 37% which is 210 officers
  • Perth 23% which is 78 officers
  • Gold Coast 32% which is 47 officers
  • Townsville 32% which is 11 officers


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