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Contractor Coverall Security has sacked MONA security guards using the coronavirus shutdown as an excuse.

United Workers Union, the security union, condemns this underhand move. Tasmanian workers need to be supported, not sacked, by their employers during the coronavirus crisis.

Thomas Windsor, Managing Director and part-owner of Coverall Security has told the sacked guards that the temporary closure of MONA is the reason for them losing their job. There was no consultation with the workers or requests for the guards to use banked leave during this time. He has even told the workers not to bother fighting him.

Sarah Ellis, United Workers Union Tasmania spokesperson says, “This is just a disgusting decision by Coverall Security in these uncertain times.

“Thomas Windsor needs to hand back his honours from Australia Day for work supposedly advocating for mental health and depression. He doesn’t care about the mental health of the workers he has sacked, leaving them with no income to support their families at this time. Our members are despairing over their future.

“The sacked workers have been earning a below award wage on the Coverall EBA. They had requested to have this terminated. Now they have lost their jobs for trying to win themselves an award wage.

“MONA founder David Walsh promotes the good values and ethics of the museum. He needs to step in and tell Coverall this is not acceptable and protect these workers. They need David Walsh’s full support during MONA’s coronavirus shutdown.

“If workers cannot work due to coronavirus concerns, they should not lose pay or their jobs.”

United Workers Union reached out to MONA in January asking them to intervene with the below award wages being paid to the site’s security workers and have also written to them to stop today’s sackings. They have so far ignored these requests.


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