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In a big win for the Northern Territory’s dedicated emergency service workers, paramedics and firefighters now have the right to presumptive post-traumatic stress disorder recognition. World-leading rules for occupational cancer coverage for the NT’s firefighters have also passed in the amendments to the Return to Work Act.

Erina Early, United Workers Union NT spokesperson says, “From today, the Territory’s paramedics and firefighters have won the right to put their hands up to say they are struggling, without fear of any reprisal from their employers and insurers.

“Our dedicated emergency services workers are regularly in extremely difficult and challenging situations. Until these new laws passed, claiming PTSD through workers compensation has been stressful and challenging for our paramedic and firefighter members, there have been too many rejected PTSD claims in the past and too often our members have been forced to relive traumatic workplace events. These changes to legislation will ensure this won’t happen again.”

The passing of the bill today also ensures world-leading rules for occupational cancer coverage for the NT’s firefighters for asbestos-related disease, skin cancer, liver and lung cancer. This is the best coverage in Australia and internationally.



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