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The United Workers Union is calling for stronger regulatory measures and higher transparency around the allocation and profitability of gaming licences ahead of the Future of Gaming legislation being tabled in parliament.

Today, UWU organiser and former Wrest Point Casino dealer, Simon Davis will meet with key parliamentarians to ensure workers from the industry are not overlooked in the current debate around gambling in Tasmania.

In addition to better industrial outcomes for workers, the union wants the Government to legislate more rigid compliance and reporting.

UWU casino organiser Simon Davis said that workers are too often ignored in the debate around gaming but by amending this new legislation an opportunity to change the status quo has arisen.

“For casinos to continue to have a social licence to operate in Tasmania we need better industry regulation, improved governance, compliance and harm minimisation practices, increased worker voice, secure jobs and better wages and conditions for casino workers,” Davis said.

“These claims have been developed in consultation with our members in the casinos and they are pretty straightforward requests that would have mutually beneficial outcomes for workers and the wider Tasmanian community.

“I worked in the casino for 19 years. During that time, you develop an understanding of what needs to change but our viewpoint has been ignored in the past.

“Casino workers have a valuable contribution to make to harm minimisation. For example, the establishment of suitably trained, worker-elected Responsible Gaming Officers operating independently to the licensee would assist in that outcome.”

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