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Statement attributable to Tim Kennedy, National Secretary, United Workers Union:

“Today’s announcement from Qenos that 150 good, secure jobs will go is a big loss for Melbourne’s West and all the families that will be affected.

“This comes on the top of the recent devastating job losses just down the road at the Altona Refinery.

“The Union will be urgently seeking further information on which jobs are going so we can provide detailed information to our members, and also further information on the effect this will have on any other advanced manufacturing, both upstream and downstream in the supply chain.

“Many workers have had a lifelong connection to Qenos, living and working in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

“These job losses are another devastating blow to advanced manufacturing in Victoria.

“This announcement comes just days after a big budget splash from the Coalition Government.

“Simply giving money to corporations is not enough to save advanced manufacturing jobs across Australia.

“We have an unfolding crisis that threatens the future of advanced manufacturing in this country, and the United Workers Union is calling for a proper plan for advanced manufacturing that provides secure, sustainable jobs into the future.”


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