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South Australian hospitality workers left out of JobKeeper

United Workers Union is calling on the South Australian Government to review its decision on JobKeeper eligibility.

As it stands the wage subsidy leaves behind around 1000 South Australian Government enterprise workers who have been stood down, 850 of these are from Adelaide Venue Management.*

These workers classified as ‘South Australian public corporation employees’ are ineligible for the JobKeeper wage subsidy program introduced under the Commonwealth’s coronavirus response.

United Workers Union spokesperson Godfrey Moase said: “No worker should be left behind, and yet the South Australian Government is actively choosing to inflict suffering on government enterprise hospitality workers.”

Last week, on May 6, Victoria’s Daniel Andrews-led government announced the introduction of a $1,500 per fortnight wage subsidy for those working in venue management.

“United Workers Union calls on Premier Steven Marshall to do the same and act immediately to pay a JobKeeper subsidy to government enterprise workers,” Mr Moase said.

United Workers Union members working at the Adelaide Convention Centre, who prefer to remain anonymous, have commented:

“If government enterprise workers in Victoria are now eligible for JobKeeper why doesn’t the SA government step up and do the same?”

“Hospitality workers are being thrown on the scrap heap by the SA government in this time of need just because of a classification. We work hard, pay our taxes. We demand that no worker is left behind.”

These workers have reached out to their minister’s offices, but received little sympathy reporting: “they just tell us to start using our super or to look for another job.”

*Adelaide Venue Management is responsible for operating three of Adelaide’s most iconic event venues: Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium, in addition to AVMCatering, the company’s outside catering arm.



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