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The United Workers Union represents a large percentage of minimum wage and award reliant workers such as cleaners, security guards, early childhood educators, food services workers, farm workers, hospitality workers and aged and home care workers.

Quotes attributable to United Workers Union National Secretary Tim Kennedy:

“An $18.80 per-week increase to minimum wage appears favourable on the surface but doesn’t go far enough to address the ever-widening gap in inequality.

“The $18.80, which amounts to $0.49-per-hour, will do little to help those struggling with big increases in cost of living – for food, energy and housing.

“To compound this very small increase for Australian workers, many essential workers will have to wait later in the year despite being the very workers who keep our society working through the ongoing pandemic.

“Economic indicators show that Australia is well on the way to recovery and in some States, their economy is performing better than pre-COVID 19. Therefore, it’s only fair that the workers that have contributed to the recovery are rewarded for their efforts.”



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