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Statement attributable to Jo Schofield, National President, United Workers Union:

“United Workers Union welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement today that superannuation is to be paid on the same day as wages.

“Concerns about superannuation adequacy are keenly felt by our members, particularly as members approach retirement age. The biggest issue of concern is underpayments.

“Superannuation underpayment is a form of wage theft that impacts low-paid workers or those in insecure employment in greater numbers.

“It’s these workers who are most reliant upon superannuation contributions for a higher standard of living in retirement, and who can least afford to lose their superannuation entitlements.

“Mandating for super to be paid with wages allows workers to pick up on issues before they have lost three months of unpaid superannuation. Our members should have 100% of their super paid on time, every time.

“United Workers Union has long advocated for:

• Consistent timing of contributions so it is easier to detect and respond to underpayments.

• Higher penalties for organisations that are complicit in using contracting or subcontracting that results in non-compliance.

• Expanding the Fair Entitlements Guarantee to cover superannuation for all workers, including those on temporary visas.

• Better cooperation between the Australian Tax Office and Fair Work Ombudsman in tracking non-compliance.

“It is imperative that our superannuation system serves to protect workers’ interests and entitlements. Any worker who suspects they have had their super stolen should contact their Union.”

This announcement comes as legislation is before Federal Parliament to enshrine superannuation as a universal workplace right in the National Employment Standards. This will ensure every worker has the right to recover unpaid super.