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Sydney Airport keeps over 1000 aviation security guards on tenterhooks

United Workers Union, the security workers union, says over 1000 aviation security guards working at Sydney Airport have been given no information about their ongoing employment amid COVID-19 crisis.

The union was told by SNP Security (a subsidiary of Certis – a company owned by the Singapore government) that Sydney Airport Corporation hasn’t been forthcoming with details for the future of many of their 1250 guards.

United Workers Union spokesperson for Property Services Damien Davie said: “Workers have been left in limbo. They’re very distressed. Each day they wait in anguish for some clarification on what their future holds.”

It’s anticipated 70% of the 1250 will be stood down without pay. Certis has already stood down around a 100 guards without pay.

Mr Davie said: “What we do know during these uncertain times is Certis prioritises its profits over its people. The company’s heartlessness was on display during the bushfire crisis and they have been guilty of not providing the correct PPE during this crisis – they will not do the right thing.

“During a time of crisis and insecurity, basic security is a natural public good. This is why we are calling on Sydney Airport to step up and commit to paying guards throughout the shutdown. They earn hundreds of millions a year in the good times; it’s now time to share this with their workers.”

Certis are trying to redirect 50 plus staff to a recently won contract with the Federal Government guarding people doing their 14 day quarantine at a city-based hotel.

“As you can imagine, the uptake for this work is low due to people being fearful of being exposed to COVID-19. The safety of our members always comes first. We’re working to make sure their protected and supported in saying no to any alternative work they do not feel safe doing,” said Mr Davie.

Certis Cisco, Singapore’s largest security organisation acquired the formerly Australian owned family business SNP Security in 2018 and combined it with their existing security business BRI to establish the sub-brand Certis Security Australia.



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