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Sydney Airport staff miss out on JobKeeper

United Workers Union says over 1200 aviation security guards working at Sydney Airport have been told they do not qualify for JobKeeper.

Certis Security Australia told workers that following discussions with the ATO they will not be eligible to receive the JobKeeper payment. Businesses with a turnover over $1 billion need to demonstrate a 50% loss of revenue.

United Workers Union spokesperson for Property Services Damien Davie said: “Certis has chosen to stand down the majority of their aviation staff without pay.

“These workers have been locked out of JobKeeper because of the size of the company and its profits. This decision shows Certis prioritises its profits over its people.”

In a recent letter from Managing Director Tom Roche, he told workers “you can now approach Centrelink and apply for JobSeeker.”

“SNP Security (a subsidiary of Certis – a company owned by the Singapore government) used to be a family owned business before Tom sold it to Certis for a mint. He has the means to take care of his staff during this pandemic instead he has handed the responsibility off.

“We are calling on Sydney Airport to step up and commit to paying security guards throughout the shutdown. They earn hundreds of millions a year in the good times; it’s now time to share this with their workers,” Mr Davie said.

Traffic control staff at Sydney Airport have also missed out on JobKeeper. Asset Group lost their contract with the airport resulting in approximately 80 workers losing their jobs.

“These workers played an important part in the running of Sydney Airport; they were outside directing traffic in all weather. Now they have lost their jobs and been left with nothing as Asset Group are refusing to provide any stand down pay or redundancy packages,” Mr Davie said.



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