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Mantle Group Hospitality (MGH) and United Workers’ Union (UWU) have reached an in-principle agreement on appropriate terms and conditions of employment for hospitality staff. These will exceed minimum award entitlements and it is intended that they be included in a proposed enterprise agreement covering hospitality staff at MGH venues.

MGH will present the proposed enterprise agreement to staff next week.

Quotes attributable to Godfrey Mantle, Executive Chairman, Mantle Group Hospitality:

“We are pleased to have amicably and successfully negotiated with the UWU. Key to that agreement is mutual recognition of the benefits of delivering training and career paths for our employees. Both parties are committed to long-term sustainability and business growth. This mutual commitment will ensure continuing benefits and advancement for our employees.”

Quotes attributable to Dario Mujkic, Director, United Workers Union:

“Mantle Group Hospitality staff will receive above-award conditions, which is great news. We commend MGH for agreeing to these terms and we look forward to a positive relationship.”


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