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WHEN: 12 noon today, Wednesday, May 29

WHERE: Perth Children’s Hospital

WHAT: Hundreds of hospital workers will stop work today, with education workers also taking action across the state, to demand a fair payrise. 

VISUALS: Two United Workers Union members speak out about the cost of living crisis, addressing a crowd of hundreds dressed in red, with banners, flags and chanting. 

Hundreds of United Workers Union members at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital will STOP WORK at 12 noon on Wednesday 29th May, demanding the state government delivers a fair pay rise that meets the rising cost of living. 

Hospital staff are calling for a wage increase that recognises the financial stress they are facing. Without a genuine pay rise for workers on the frontline, healthcare workers won’t be able to keep providing essential services for their communities.

Education Support Staff will also join hospital workers in taking action today across the state, holding meetings and wearing red to highlight their campaign for a fair deal. 

United Workers Union members across Western Australia are preparing to take further action in the coming months if the government doesn’t provide a fair and genuine offer for workers and their communities. 

Quotes attributable to United Workers Union spokesperson Lisa Judge:

“It used to take a major event like a death or a serious illness for workers to lose their homes or face homelessness. But, after five years of wage policies that barely kept them afloat, too many Western Australian workers are facing financial disaster. 

“Nurses and support workers don’t expect to get rich working in public hospitals, but they certainly shouldn’t expect to be worse off every year. The last pay rise barely kept workers above water, and now they’re close to drowning again.

“These workers deserve a payrise that keeps up with the cost of living, and are calling on the State Government to give them a fair deal.” 

Quotes attributable to Arinic, a Support Worker at Perth Children’s Hospital:

“Without us, the hospital stops. Without workers, patients don’t get to their CT scans, X-rays don’t happen, meals don’t get delivered, and blood samples never go to the lab. 

“We love our jobs, but we need to be respected. All we’re asking is for the government to pay us like they think our work matters.”

Quotes attributable to Catherine, a Special Needs Education Assistant:

“At my school, we saw the teachers have to reject two offers and walk off the job to get the government to take them seriously. 

“We hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll be ready if it does. I know the teachers at my school know our work is important, and they’ll have our backs like we had theirs.”


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